Week Three Update: Red Tiger

“This past week contained its typical shortcomings for me, mostly with the working out.  With the holiday, there was no kung fu, and work kept me from crossfit on Thursday, soo… with a Tuesday of shortened crossfit, and a short 3 or so mile bike ride last night, I find myself coming up short again in this category.

“This upcoming week, and the ones to follow, I find myself dreading.  I start two 6-week summer classes today.  This means they are cramming a semester worth of material into 6 weeks. I was feeling pretty good about it until I looked at my syllabus for my classes…

“I spent a fair amount of time this weekend preparing myself for the food element for the new schedule.  I bought myself a lunch box, and ice packs, and more Tupperware, and food that will hopefully help me keep on track.  I plan to get to school around 8:45am and won’t leave campus again until 9pm.  Unfortunately the hours of the fitness classes and the pool on campus don’t at all line up with my availability between classes, which has made me quite angry.  With evening classes, there will be no kung fu during the week, though Fridays hold potential; my Saturdays for the next 3 weeks are non-existent too, or at least that’s how it feels.  I may also find that I need the 4 hour chunk in the middle of my afternoon to wade through all the reading and homework that is going to be associated with the madness that I am putting myself through.  (This will definitely be a challenge on the *life goal* front.  The panic is already setting in.)

“I do have to say, though, that reducing soda intake and limiting processed carbs has done wonders for the way that I feel physically, and both of these have remained fairly easy for me to maintain.  It touches slightly on Snowfox’s need for instant gratification.  I may not be loosing weight but I am definitely feeling the positive effects here, and it makes me want to keep going.”
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