Don’t Drive Like Your Brother… (Unless He’s From Finland)

I realize the content of this blog has become largely focused on health and fitness (as opposed to Skyrim and other such nerdery), but it’s not called “The Snowfox Health and Fitness Blog,” so hopefully you’ll bear with me (or ignore me) as I share some good info on another big and enjoyable topic in my life: cars and driving!

I’m no F1 race driver or certified mechanic, but I have changed my own flat tire, changed my own oil, changed my own sparkplugs/battery/filters/headlights/fluids and other basic maintenance — and what’s more, I highly enjoy all of it! I also take special pleasure in the fact that I learned to drive stick on Rogue Leader’s Subaru STi several summers ago (I am so, so lucky) and now drive stick daily with Bandit, my own trusty little Civic. It’s way more fun. :)

Rogue Leader’s ferocious and sexy 2008 Subaru WRX STi after a woodsy offroading excursion with Aegis & his wife :D

In addition, I of course love watching Top Gear, and I also firmly believe that NPR’s Car Talk is the best damn podcast out there — and it’s the perfect length for my commutes to school! I’m still mourning the fact that the “Tappet brothers” are retiring this fall. :(

In short, while I don’t watch NASCAR and have yet to take the SCCA autocross class (SOON!), I think cars and their maintenance are largely a blast. I’m not Kaylee or the Stig, but we can all aspire to something, right?

ANYWAY, here’s the article that inspired this car-enthused backstory:

Four Things You Didn’t Learn in Driver’s Ed

In fact, I suspect there are more than four things you and I didn’t learn in Driver’s Ed here in the US. In Finland, when you turn 18 you begin a two-year process to get your license — there, it’s a privilege, not a right. For more interesting info and awesome videos:

Motorweek shows an insight into the Finnish training process

James May of Top Gear meets Mika Häkkinen, a two-time Formula One champion race car driver from Finland, and learns a few impressive Finnish rally techniques in this excerpt from Series 12, Episode 3

I think our streets would be a lot safer if we invested the same amount of time and energy into learning how to handle a car like the Finns, no? Ah well… Rogue Leader and one of our dear friends and kung fu brothers (we’ll call him Aegis for now) have been throwing around the idea of having a car building shop and driving school for some time now. I only have one thing to say on the matter: It’s no coincidence that I’m adding some business classes into my final year of college before graduating with an incredibly useful Chinese degree. Maybe in the next few years we’ll see Aegis’ personal car shop and Rogue Leader’s little crossfit garage both evolve into something more… :)

A lovely late October day with Aegis, his Cobra, and the place where all the car magic happens :)

And finally, in honor of Click and Clack, the Tappet brothers, I’d like to thank this week’s sponsors: statistician Marge Innovera, customer care representative Haywood Jabuzof, meteorologist Claudio Vernight, optometric firm C. F. Eye Care, Russian chauffeur Pikov Andropov, Leo Tolstoy biographer Warren Piece, and law firm Dewey, Cheetham & Howe.

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