Are You Ready? ALLONS-Y!

First of all, I have to express my intense excitement and gratitude that WordPress featured me and my recent food dilemma on the Freshly Pressed homepage today! I really write just for fun, but I never imagined I would pass 1900 views in one day — I thought only 4.6 people even knew my blog existed! Who knew all it would take was a snarky complaint about grocery shopping to get noticed? :) It’s 15 minutes of “fame” I certainly never expected, and I’m so thrilled at all of your positive feedback, likes, and follows (except now I’m not sure how I’ll live up to all of my newfound acclaim!). In any case, thanks to everyone who dropped by for your interest and your suggestions — I think my next project may need to be trying them out and sharing my attempts here. Looks like I’ll need to go to the grocery store after all!

[bottom row, center] — I feel like a real live blogger! :)

This blog can be all over the place; before writing about my cooking woes, I discussed everything from driving to zombies to my own hopes and dreams, but mostly the blog seems to center around health and fitness in one way or another. A few short months ago, inspired by a challenge hosted on my favorite blog, Nerd Fitness, my friends and I decided to have our own six-week challenge to work towards accomplishing some of our individual goals.

One of my goals: Feel like her when I get up in the morning.

While we all had varying levels of dedication and success, overall I think it’s safe to say that everyone had fun and felt accomplished when week six came to a close (and if I haven’t given you enough links to read yet, you can check up on everyone’s closing thoughts here :P). Afterwards, we took some time off and returned to our daily hectic lives — but several of my friends have been pushing for a “Six Week Challenge, Round Two,” so here’s the email I sent out this afternoon:


“Red Tiger, Salnota, Okibrownie, and others have requested that we get another challenge going — there’s no time like the present if you’d like to get a head start, but let’s officially say next Monday, July 30th, will kick off our next six week endeavor.
“I thought that maybe this time we could vary it up a bit. If you participated last time and liked the “Pick 3 fitness/health goals and 1 life goal” method, and you have some new goals you’d like to work on, go for it! Or if you feel pretty secure that you’ve continued your progress from last time (or if 4 goals sounds too overwhelming), why not try to work on one thing you’ve really been wanting to turn into a habit lately? 

—-Maybe you just want to start thinking more positively in your day to day life; you could pick “Find one thing to be grateful about per day” as your goal.
—-Maybe you want to simply walk into Mordor, and could start walking your dog each night and tracking your progress toward Rivendell.
—-Maybe you’ve really been wanting to procrastinate less; you could set aside an hour each morning where you turn off facebook, pinterest, twitter, netflix, or whatever, and get something organized.
—-Maybe you want to be able to do a pullup, or start couch to 5k.
—-Maybe you want to make fewer excuses and stop complaining at crossfit. (This one may be on my list.)
“You know what it is you’ve been wanting to do! Now is the best time to schedule it in — you set your priorities. If there’s something you want to accomplish (hell, maybe you just want to learn to tango), let’s go!
“Shoot me an email, text, facebook post, whatever if you’re interested to let me know what your goals are. It’s more fun if we do it all together, and we had some pretty stellar successes last time!

If any of you out there in the blogosphere have been putting something on hold that you’d really like to accomplish — reducing your soda intake, getting in better shape, paying down your credit card debt, or taking up falconry — leave a comment and feel free to join us! We’re all working towards our individual goals, so we’ll each have unique methods, but sometimes all you need is that push to get going and the support to see it through, and my nerd crew here at Xiao Bai Hu would love to provide you with just that.

What habits would you like to form? What goals would you like to achieve?

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2 thoughts on “Are You Ready? ALLONS-Y!

  1. When I get back to campus August 12th I want to ride my bike a few miles every day. It will give me time away each day from roommates and school. I can focus on myself and feel good about getting a little fitness in but really its for my brain. I wish I could start now but I don’t have a bike yet! I have been thinking it in my head for a while so it feels good to type it out;

    • That’s great! Funny how things many people would see simply as benefitting physical health are also really benefical to our mental well-being. Good luck to you! (Let us know how it goes once you get your bike!) :)

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