A Small Snowfox Success in the Kitchen

It ain’t been all trips down memory lane and wordy tales of growth and challenges over here, folks. While I was pondering how best to finish off our “Intrepid Introverts’ Guide to Independence” or whatever you’d like to call the recent two-part post . . .

I’ve also been cooking! A bit. :)

I was inspired by Crimblade’s impressive culinary triumph earlier this week: Pork Tenderloin with Plum Chutney. The man is a master chef!

Photo courtesy of the delightful Okibrownie. :)

My endeavor was a bit less sophisticated, but equally delicious: Paleo Meatloaf, which uses mushrooms as a bonding agent instead of bread crumbs or flour. (For questions on Paleo, go to my favorite explanation over at Nerd Fitness.) I’ve never made any sort of meatloaf before, but this came out delicious! Rogue Leader helped with all of the chopping, and a lot of the cleaning. :)

We were too hungry to take a fancy photo, but I assure you it tasted great with green beans and sweet potato fries :)

To top it off, I’ve been attempting to eat fairly well for lunches, too: inspired by Jimmy John’s “un-wich,” I’ve been making a very paleo lunch sandwich using lettuce instead of bread to keep my salami, ham, and provolone contained. It’s delicious, especially with some Simply Lemonade! I’ve been having blueberries and cinnamon roasted almonds as a lunch treat, too. :)

All lunch breaks should include some Skyrim time. :)

Up for tonight is shredded chicken tacos; between work and kung fu, it will be a late night for me and Rogue Leader, so I wanted something tasty that would be easy to throw together at 9 or 10pm. Thank you, crockpot!

Tomorrow night: I’m attempting shakshuka!

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