The Final Exam

Just one more test between me and graduating (well, provided I don’t fail anything). Here goes! CHAAAAAAARGE!!!

During a study break I made the following list. There are even boring errands on here, because I’m so psyched to have the time to do them!

Things I am excited to do once finals are over:

 1. SMARTPHONE!!!!!!!!!!! My long-awaited graduation present to myself. I should probably wait until I have a full-time job before tripling the cost of my monthly phone bill, but I also won’t be driving 90 miles a day anymore, so… I’m getting one immediately after my last final. With my tax return and my 30-hour paycheck, I think I can make it work. Woo!

2. Oil change: I haven’t had the time to do my own lately, so maybe I will. If not, I’ll take it in, but it always makes me laugh — they give me the sticker with the estimated date/mileage to come back in. The estimated date is actually the same day as graduation, but I passed the mileage recommendation (which is always on the low side anyway) at least a month ago. Yeeeahh, I might drive just a little more than your average person. Nbd.

3. Car checkup: because of all this driving (and how hard me and my instructor/codriver drove Bandit at the SCCA driver’s school recently — have I not told you about that yet? oh boy, stay tuned), I’d just like to check in and make sure everything’s still solid.

4. New windshield wipers: Yeah…. they’re a bit old.

5. Workout plan: Hopefully I’ll have a steady schedule soon. I’d like to put in some dedicated time to go for walks and do some bodyweight exercises! There are a few lifts I really want to improve and some parkour moves I’d like to work on. Having CrossFit 2x a week and parkour 1x a week isn’t enough for me. :)

6. Read anatomy book: I finally have time to read things  want to! And I just got “Anatomy for Strength and Fitness Training.” I’m excited!

7. Re-budget: I’ll be spending much less on gas (I hope) and a little more on my phone . . . and hopefully (!!!) I’ll soon have a little more income to play with. I now have fun things to save up for too, like a dog and home improvement projects. Also, paleo birthday cake ingredients. :)

8. Go through inbox/sort out desk: Finals have left a rather large pile of “deal with later” things. I’m strangely sort of excited to deal with them!

9. Job hunt (woo.)

10. Blog more!

11. RenFaire costume: I’ve been wanting to make my own (with the help of Red Tiger) for years! It’s time!

12. Party! It’s my 23rd a week after graduation. I think that is definitely cause for celebration. :)

13. Birthday donut & milk: I’d like to keep eating Whole30 85-90% of the time once it’s over next weekend, but I am definitely making a grocery run for this on my birthday. And I can’t wait.

14. Bake a paleo birthday cake preferably while home alone in my underwear. Now the choice is, chocolate coconut layer cake, or carrot cake. Why not Zoidberg both?! Wait, both? These are also in the running:

15. Go to a crossfit gym: It’s been almost two years of doing crossfit at home! If I can get off of work, I’m going to try to go to a real class on my birthday weekend. :)

16. Dive back into goals: I have been doing GREAT with eating well, but I can’t wait to finally have time to work on me again — bodyweight workouts, cooking more, reading for fun, learning things, writing more, getting outside… woohoo!

17. Find volunteer opportunities: I’ve actually found a number of places I’d like to work with — urban farms in the area, trail maintenance organizations, a ship museum… Now I just have to get out there and try it!

18. Go hiking: I said it already, but I really need to get outside more. I think a hiking picnic is in order, one of these weekends. :)

19. ENJOY LIFE. I like school, but the stress of finals and having homework and a job kind of takes the fun out of it. I’m excited to do some learning on my own and, though I know life after school is hardly stress-free, I’m eager to have a more reliable routine to plan some fun things around.

Graduation, here I come!

GK paleo carrot cake

Guilty Kitchen Paleo Carrot Cake

River North Paleo Chocolate Coconut Cake

River North Paleo Chocolate Coconut Cake

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